Miss Mostly has been part of the Norwegian electronica and techno scene since the mid-nineties, before starting spinning records in clubs in 2006. She prefers doing pure vinyl sets, but will work her magic on vinyl controllers and CDJ’s as well. Miss Mostly is known for delivering hypnotic techno sets – a soundscape dominated by deep, yet punchy beats. She presents an inviting, clever girl act that connects well with the dancefloor. Because that’s what she wants, for you to lose it on the floor. Mostly has played most of the clubs in Bergen, and other parties in Norway. She is known from EKKO (NO), DOT (NO) Heksegryten (NO), Klubb Intim (NO), and the PLOINK club nights – sharing line-up and playing prior to Luke Slater and Oliver Lieb, Christian Tilt, Kahuun, among others, as well as different events in Berlin (DE) and Århus (DK). She is also part of the Delikatessen artist duo.
In the spring of 2014, Miss Mostly and long-time friend Thomas Urv launched the label branch of Urv’s legendary techno club PLOINK, a series that’s been running for over 20 years. The label continues to expand with a growing roster of talented artists and has now put out 23 vinyl releases to date, with each one featuring celebrated artwork. The label’s reputation has also led to regular support with Mixmag, who recently referred to PLOINK as one of their favourite techno labels in the magazine’s stellar review of KSMISK’s fresh Magma EP. Another important moment for Ploink came in February 2018 when artist +plattform’s album Twelve, released on the label may 2017, received the Norwegian Grammy for Best Electronic Music Album. Couple of weeks after this, BBC Radio 1’s B.Traits invited Miss Mostly and Thomas Urv to present Ploink Records as her Label Mates, check it here: http://bbc.in/2tBzGnX

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