Electronic artist Stian Balducci (f. 1988) operates across the boundaries of techno, extended jazz and contemporary improvised music. Focusing on twisting and molding audio into new contexts, his sonic identity can be witnessed across projects. Releasing music since 2012 both within the confines of his techno-moniker +plattform and under his own name he is steadily gaining reputation as a force to reckoned with in the years to come. Having played Montreal Jazz Festival, Roskilde and Punkt Festival alongside the likes of Jan Bang, Nils Petter Molvær and Bugge Wesseltoft there is no wonder that Norwegian radio guru Svein Terje Torvik coined him a ”national hope for the future.”

Besides keeping busy performing, Stian also curates Punkt Klubb and runs the small norwegian techno-oriented imprint Gråtone. Recent recorded works include the Norwegian ethnic album Hildr in collaboration with singer Karoline Gullberg on NORCD, releases under the +plattform alias for PLOINK, Krill and home label Gråtone plus remixes for slam poet extraordinaire Fredrik Høyer and the electronic duo Sgrow.

+plattform explores conceptual riffs, rhythmic juxtapositions and simplistic melodic movements within the confines of minimalism and techno. Aiming towards timelessness whilst remaining in dialogue with the contemporary, +plattform’s releases are steadily gaining a reputation for delivering fresh takes on old ideas, and as a result have been spun by some of the top players on the scene today. In 2018, he won Spellemannprisen, the Norwegian Grammy award, for best electronic album Twelve, released on PLOINK in 2017.

Resident advisor