Ronny Tafjord from Ålesund, Norway, started as a DJ back in ’93 doing a series of dance events with his friends, around his hometown, playing mostly dance and hip-hop. After an epiphany in ’97, at a school trip to London, hearing Carl Cox at Velvet Underground, he ordered his first bunch of techno records from HS Records in Oslo, the following week.

Since then the records have kept piling up, and the love of techno and dancing took him to Ibiza several times in late nineties and early 2000, getting inspiration and learning do’s and don’ts in dj’ing. He moved to Oslo in 2005, and was lucky to become a part of the Sunkissed crew, giving him opportunities to play alongside many of his heroes, such as Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Robert Hood and Kevin Sanderson to mention a few. He has always been a sucker for repetitiveness, broken down in to simple sounds and heavy beats, making an effort to do fast mixes, to avoid the risk of being boring. Adding a hint of harmonic sounds to it, and he’s home. As his heart definitely lies with techno, and its various sub-genres, he will continuously search for tunes that expresses an energy that brings him back to some of his own experiences on the dance floor, without focusing on style, BPM, producer, label, which dj has played the tune before.