Witch Princess is living out her life long love-affaire with the deep, organic, dark and hypnotic sounds of electronic music. With over 13 years behind the decks, exploring the wast realms of techno and psytrance music, Witch Princess is well known for her magical way of bringing the dance floor into a state of dance meditation and euphoria, to take the crowd with her on a musical journey whether she plays on a club, forest party or festival. Her main sources of inspiration have always been found in nature, fantasy and spirituality. The shadow of a twisted old tree can instantly light a spark of inspiration – a deep need to create a new set, intended to send the listener on a magical journey from the dance floor, through our inner world, to connect with the mystical spirit world. “I early discovered that music can take you to a space when the «you» totally disappear, when you fall into a trance and the body releases natural ecstasy, a space of meditation. And I just love to share this wonder with others on the dance floor.”

W.P. Witch Princess is booking manager at Dwell, an organic restaurant and nightclub in Bergen, booking both national and international dj’s and producers. She is also creating music for different art projects, Djing in Norway and abroad and is teaching yoga and meditation.